Cedar Lake Camp Dates and Rates

New Campers

2025 Cedar Lake CampCamper RateWith $250 Security Fee**NEW Camper Rate After OneHappyCamper
First Time Incentive
TOTAL - Pay in Full
(Until 8/31)
You Save…*TOTAL - $750 Deposit
(Until 10/31)
You Save...
Full Season:
Jun 24-Aug 12
1st Session:
Jun 24 – Jul 20
2nd Session:
Jul 21 – Aug 12
6 Weeks:
Jun 24 – Aug 3
2 Weeks
1st Session: Jun 24 – Jul 6 (Round Lake Program Only)
2 Weeks
2nd Session: Jul 21 – Aug 3
  • All entering 9th Grade (Masada and Golan) campers will be participating in a travel experience this summer. For first session/6 week campers there will be an additional $900 trip fee. For second session campers there will be an additional $600 trip fee, and for Full Summer campers, there will be an additional $1400 trip fee.
  • 100% refundable through 10/31/2024
  • $750 deposit required to register for all sessions
  • $250 registration fee nonrefundable for cancellations between 11/1/2024 and 03/31/2025
  • $750 deposit nonrefundable for cancellations after 04/01/2025
  • After 06/15/2025 all refunds are at the discretion of the agency

*To retain Early Bird rates, all payments must be made in monthly installments and completed by 03/15/2025

**$1,000 Camper Incentive Available for First Time Campers

Minimum camp length of stay for $1000 incentive is 19 days. Must be first time Jewish camper attending a non-profit Jewish sleep-away camp. As defined by the Foundation for Jewish Camp One Happy Camper program, a child is considered a first time camper if the overnight camp stay has been less than 12 days. This includes the Camp Nah-Jee-Wah First Step program. New Camper Incentive program is not need based and cannot be combined with any other new camper incentive programs. Funding and support for this program has been provided by local Jewish Federations (including Greater MetroWest, Northern NJ, Heart of NJ, Greater Philadelphia, Boston, Cincinnati), PJ Library, Foundation for Jewish Camp and private donors. Campers residing anywhere in the United States are eligible.

Visiting Day 2025: Sunday, July 20

Please Note: Visiting day is only for 6 week and full summer campers
from 12 pm – 5 pm.

International Campers

We welcome campers from around the world. For more information, please contact us using the Contact Form or call our office at (973) 575-3333.

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