Tap Into Your Creativity!



At Cedar Lake Camp, we aim to provide campers with a forum to express themselves. There’s no better way to do this than through a comprehensive arts program, which offers campers a variety of expressive mediums to channel their inner creativity.

Ceramics Hand Building / Wheel

With two separate program spaces and our very own kilns, our ceramics program is first class and led by professional artists in residence. Campers can also experience the magic of using an outdoor Raku firing kiln!

Campers performing a play.


Whether performing on stage or learning the behind the scenes crafts of set design, costuming, stage management, lighting, and sound engineering, our theater productions are sure to be a highlight of your camp experience.


Unlock your imagination in our Cedar Lake Camp woodshop! With a wide range of manual and power tools, instructors are there to guide campers in creating all sorts of wooden crafts.

Two campers filming with a camcorder.

Film Making

Experience the full creative process, from storyboarding, to shooting footage, culminating in editing and post production. Create your next masterpiece!

Jam Session

Jam Session is the ultimate activity for the musically inclined who want to get together and play. With a variety of amplified instruments and equipment, find your future bandmates and jam!

Fashion Design

Learn how to make garments and accessories using sewing machines and hand stitching techniques.

Digital Media

A combination of digital cameras and Adobe software makes for a fantastic experiment in capturing and manipulating photos.

Two campers cooking.


We offer two separate cooking studios, (one dedicated to gluten free recipes). Our cooking studios offer campers the opportunity to create, prepare, (and most importantly eat) their favorite dishes.

Darkroom Photography

With our very own darkroom, campers will learn how to shoot and develop film while playing around with light and exposure to create the perfect prints.

A camper painting.

Painting and Drawing

Painting and Drawing is the perfect activity to delve into the fine arts and learn techniques ranging from dry brushing, washing, and stippling.

Campers working on arts and crafts.

Arts and Crafts

Our Arts and Crafts program includes tie-dying to stain glass and everything in between. Endless creations await!


Want to learn how to play your favorite songs? Our guitar program will teach you chord positions, strumming techniques, finger picking, and more.

Chess and Strategy Games

Work on your problem solving skills by discovering the beautiful game of chess and other similar strategy games.

Jewelry Making

Learn the versatile and limitless craft of jewelry making with the use of precious metals, specialized equipment, and tools!

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