Why Cedar Lake Camp?
Experience Choice, Friendship, And Fun

Why Cedar Lake Camp?

Cedar Lake Camp thrives on imagination, infectious creativity, and independence.

Think about the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Right now—play that memory back in your mind and notice how it makes you feel excited, hopeful, grateful, and happy. You’re probably smiling. That moment was meant for you in particular, and it changed your life forever. 

This is exactly how we feel each night when the stars emerge at Cedar Lake. This place is far more than a Jewish sleepaway camp in Pennsylvania—it’s a place that has found a home in our hearts. As a camp that encourages individuality and choice by allowing campers the freedom and opportunity to choose their own electives, Cedar Lake is truly a place where dreams are born and adolescents grow into who they want to be in this world. 

We pride ourselves on being a camp that infuses Jewish culture into everyday fun while fostering friendships, forming bonds, and breaking out of our comfort zones in terms of social and emotional development. High-energy special programming is an integral element to the Cedar Lake Camp experience from Color War breakout to Rock Wars finale, Messy Day, Shabbat services, and more. It’s little moments that come together to create an unforgettable summer.

Inspiring Staff

Because of the enthusiasm and dedication of our team members, our staff and campers form bonds that are everlasting. Our staff come from all over the world and are handpicked as leaders in their areas. Due to our extensive program offerings, almost all bunk counselors are specialists who immerse themselves in camp culture alongside our campers. Our dedicated staff members are what make Cedar Lake Camp a truly special place.

Cedar Lake staff member holding up posters to welcome campers.

Our Program and Activities

Campers participate in six daily activities that they choose themselves based on their individual needs and interests. During each of these activities, campers receive excellent instruction and learn new skills while having fun.

Campers cheering.

Health and Nutrition

At Cedar Lake Camp, the safety and physical well-being of our campers and staff is our number one priority! We provide nutritious and well-balanced meals that kids enjoy eating and have a resident health staff that oversee the medical care of our campers throughout the summer.

Round Lake at Cedar Lake Camp

Round Lake is an inclusion program serving children and adolescents with, but not limited to, social communication disorders, ADHD, learning differences, and anxiety at Cedar Lake Camp. Our program is built upon a philosophy of opportunity and choice for all campers.

Every time I find my son’s pictures, I am amazed by the new activities that he is trying for the first time–from biking trails to camping to working with a new art medium. His counselors encourage and support him, and I rest easy that he is in good hands all summer.

Sharona Suffern, NY
NJY Family of Camps

Find Your Happy Place

Our programs are designed to support the growth and development of our campers so that they can learn new skills, build meaningful personal connections, and nurture a strong Jewish identity all while having an amazing summer.

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